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Thank you to the following airlines, hotels, tourism boards and tour operators for the sponsoring of my trips, flights, transfers, rooms, round travels, gifts, events, excursions, attractions and informations. We had fantastic travel guides. The hotels were top! Special thanks to the following Datenschutz

Hotels, Tour Operators, Tourism Boards

Jetwing Travel Guide Don
Jetwing Travel Guide Don
  • Jetwing Hotels Sri Lanka
  • Shangri-La's Oman
  • Villa Hotels Maldives
  • CITS Beiijing
  • CITS Shanghai
  • DTCM Germany (Dubai)
  • Island Express Safaris & Tours Zanzibar
  • Jetwing Travel Sri Lanka
  • Mason's Travel Seychelles
  • MauriTours Mauritius
  • NTT Oman
  • SchauInsland Reisen GmbH
  • Sun Promotions
  • SunTrips Reisen GmbH Germany
  • Tunas Indonesia
  • Taiwan Tourism
  • Willy-Scharnow-Stiftung

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Herzlichen Dank den ehren- und hauptamtlichen Mitarbeitern der Willy Scharnow-Stiftung.



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